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Sandhurst - aka The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), aka The Shop, aka The Factory.

'Sandhurst is a minor public school where the CCF has got out of hand.' Anon.

The principle role of RMAS is to provide the Field Army with officers. The primary means is through the delivery of the Commissioning Course (CC), preceeded by the PCCBC. Students on the CC are known as Officer Cadets (OCdts). The CC is three terms each of 14 weeks known as the Junior, Intermediate and Senior terms. Intakes join in Jan, May and Sep annually. Between the Junior and Intermediate terms OCdts conduct a week of Adventurous Training towards a qualification, they then use the qualification in the recess between the Inters and Seniors.

Key components:

Old College - the big white building. Home to the Juniors and Lucknow Platoon (remedial and rehabilitation training) with the administrative HQ for the Late entry Officers' Course (LEOC) and Dettingen Company.

New College - the big brown building with green lavatory tiles in the corridors. Home to the Inters and Seniors with the administrative HQ for New College.

Victory Building - the low grey monstrosity. Home to some companies from New College and Dettingen Company. Dettingen Company is responsible for the delivery of the following courses:

The TA CC (3 weeks long - Modules 4a and 4b); The Gap Year CC (5 weeks long); The Professionally Qualified Officers (PQO) Course (4 weeks long) aka the vicars and tarts course; The Instructors Cadre (4 weeks) to select SNCO instructors; Rowallan Cadre (in suspended animation) - aka the Highland School of Fieldcraft Training, Rowallan Company and the Sandhurst Development Course

Churchill Hall - aka the Concrete Sleeping Bag

Academy HQ - big grey building with red badge, flags and General.

Faraday Hall - aka Faraway Hall (home to the LEOC and Academics). The LEOC provides a short course to recalibrate Late Entry Officers prior to their first appointment after commissioning from the ranks.