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Date Joined 06 March 2006
Posts Too many
Location Asleep in the most unlikeliest of places
Grin.png This user is addicted to Chat

evil_grin.png This user is evil
and is not to be trusted!
bottle.jpg This user is a devoted member of
Rear Party.

An individual who can be relied upon to get their head down at every available opportunity. Normally also involves a snoring at a volume that strips paint.

Also the user name of an Rear Party denizen. Schlafenmonster spends most of the day asleep and when awake, thinks of only of duvets and dreams of sleep, whilst eating chocolate. Other interests include anything Italian and the inner workings of P2. Schlafenmonster would like to point out that she doesn't snore because she's a girl, and girls don't do that - just as they don't fart either.

Tattooedlady - She's a chatty member for someone who sleeps so much and somehow she gets all her work done too....

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