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  • The medieval art of Beasting yourself. Usually done in atonement for a transgression against gods commandments or will or whim or vague passing whimsy. Usually done with a 'cat of nine tails' sort of a whip although Monty Python in The Holy Grail had monks whacking themselves in the face with a small plank.
  • Moral self-flagellation, which is a peculiarly left-wing habit in which the practitioner prostrates him or herself before the readership of the Guardian and apologises profusely for being white and middle-class. In these people's minds, there is nothing worse than being white, middle-class, living in a technologically advanced and rich country, being rich, and personally successful.

The self-hatred of these people is such that they are so ashamed of the moral, medical and technological advances which Western civilisation have brought to the world that they feel they have do apologise, and do their utmost to destroy these (without getting their hands dirty, of course).

To them, the greatest thing in the world to be is a black, lesbian, Muslim, single mother, poor, deformed, transgendered prostitute with HIV who is forced to eat genetically modified corn against her will by some evil American corporation run by Jews.

And they are absolutely appalled that they are not all of these things. To remedy this, they call for the overthrow of Western civilisation and the imposition of "socialism", with similar thinking people at the helm. Examples include: Polly Tonybee, Gnome Chumpsky, and anyone who has ever attended a CND rally.