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Slappers And Tarts

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Natural prey of the drunk squaddie... and they prey on the squaddie in return.

Natural habitat:

Usually found in pubs and clubs with Sticky Carpets.

Staple diet:

Bacardi Breezers and kebabs


Natural colour- Pasty, dead white flesh.
Camouflage- Fake tan orange

Distinguishing Marks/Clothing:

Tattoo of bluebird/butterfly on ankle
White 'fuck me' high heels, micro minskirt, boobtube, underwear optional.


May work alone, pairs or in squads.

Differences between Slappers and Tarts:

  • Slappers put up a bit of a struggle before letting you have your wicked and drunken way.
  • Tarts usually dont let you get a chance to struggle before they have had you.

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