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1) Rolling up small balls of snow and throwing them at a colleague.

2) Usual method of desmination of information through out the tri-services.


OC Sqn to OC Tp: I would like to talk to Sig X as they have a D1 licence and we need a mini bus for mess function.

OC Tp to Tp SNCO: Can you send Sig X to the OC Sqn office something about his licence.

Tp SNCO to NCO: Here send Sig X to OC Sqn office, the boss said its to do with his licence!

NCO to someone who will see Sig X at some point: Here Xy has to go OC Sqn's office, apparently hes in sh1t to do with his licence, think hes getting charged.

Someone to Sig X: Your in the sh1t, the OC Sqn is hunting for you, you've really fcuked up and are getting done for Drink driving and sent to Colly then kicked out!!!