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1) Rolling up small balls of snow and throwing them at a colleague.

2) Usual method of desmination of information through out the tri-services.


OC Sqn to OC Tp: I would like to talk to Sig X as they have a D1 licence and we need a mini bus for mess function.

OC Tp to Tp SNCO: Can you send Sig X to the OC Sqn office something about his licence.

Tp SNCO to NCO: Here send Sig X to OC Sqn office, the boss said its to do with his licence!

NCO to someone who will see Sig X at some point: Here Xy has to go OC Sqn's office, apparently hes in sh1t to do with his licence, think hes getting charged.

Someone to Sig X: Your in the sh1t, the OC Sqn is hunting for you, you've really fcuked up and are getting done for Drink driving and sent to Colly then kicked out!!!

3) The passing / gobbing of manfat between two lovers, ie Crabby and Linemanloz after an afternoon of [[feltching] They do this to try and be more soldierly to try and give credibilty to thier soap dodging back-slidey natures. Student cnuts

4) Biting to replies after not having enough money to pay the Norwegian prostitutes, and instead having to try and putdown Students as they had the self discipline and intelligence to go into higher education instead of having to pouncing around in the plastic RAF see Army Air Corps.