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Military technique where an individual or group decide they dont want to play the armies game anymore and would rather sit out the rest of the conflict doing their best to leech resources out of their opponents supplies in a prison that contravenes just about every clause of Human Rights legislation ie no dvd player/tv, no Xbox, trips to Alton Towers etc.

In 1940 the French army attempted to surrender to the Germans in such vast numbers that the German war machine would grind to a halt with the logistic overload. This strategy (like most French strategems) turned out to be bollox and the extremely efficient German army handled the sneaky underhanded trick. Some French did decide that the British approach of running away to fight another way was best thus leading to a lengthy game and extensive POW's action.

While there have been a few incidents of surrender in the British Army (Kaisers Battle 1918 being the worst), the British army/navy/airforce likes to see things through to a conclusion and rarely cries uncle. Even when they do, there is a disturbing tendancy of the surrenderees to go out of their way to piss off their captors. German prisoner of war camps may as well have put in revolving doors due to the frequency of escape attempts. Even the escape proof Colditz had a vast escape tunnel system under it that later formed part of the post war West German underground system.

Currently in the so-called War on Terror it is not a wise idea to surrender. Current opponents do not do prisoner of war camps, dont have a sense of humour and the only red cross parcel you will see is the one they mail your remains back home in.

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