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The Brothers of Elton

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The Brothers of Elton are a niche sub group within the Arrse.

The group consists of philc, devexwarrior, ScaleyAlbereto, Trackpen, dlrg, BIGBIRD101 & RigPig. It is highly probable that others exist, but have not had the effrontery to speak in public yet about their perversion.

They finally decided to out themselves on the 18th May 2019 in the thread Although it is suspected they had been having seedy, perverted meetings in mens toilets for many years prior to this.

Although “Out” and loud and proud, periodically, various members would throw in the odd excuse, such as, “I’m stuck in a hotel and it’s the only thing on TV” or “My wife has it on, I’m on Arrse really” to try and convince themselves and others that they weren’t interested in the sequins, hair styles and dancing boys.

Despite a valiant rear-guard action led by Charlie4 and Dark_Nit, who told them to “Hang your heads in shame” and “You lot are actually watching that shite? FFS!”, they continued to giggle like school girls and fawn over the presenter Graham Norton.

You should be on your guard if approached by any of The Brothers. They appear harmless deluded old fools, but the drug they peddle can be extremely addictive. They will make light hearted comments about something simple such as “Remember Brotherhood of Man in 1976 with Save all your kisses for me?” This could be followed up with something a bit stronger. “ABBA are such an iconic band, Mama Mia, course they won Eurovision in ’74 with Waterloo.” These are just popular “gateway” songs that we have all experimented with at one time or another. Unfortunately for many it doesn’t stop there and sooner or later they will have you on Ah-Bah-Nee-Bee.

If you are invited by a Brother, to a Eurovision Party, you should report it at once to a CO.

On 17 November 2019, Schweik outed himself as a Brother by starting the thread

Please pity and forgive these crazy toilet duck addled old fools, for they know not what they do.