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The Outragemobile

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Manned by irate ARRSErs - often due to idiotic comments in the media - such as Rupert Everett saying that the Army are a bunch of poofters:

Ire-inducing article here

A high-performance vehicle, it can go from stationary to 110% outage in less than 10 seconds. Like the Tardis it is seemingly smaller on the outside than on the inside and is fully capable of taking the entire ARRSE community on-board (with the exception of Sven who is a liberal woose).


The Outragemobile, at present, is decked out in pink, with a leopard-skin interior, just for Mr Everett. It is permanently manned by the men of 3 Para Mortar Platoon, and is (for rather obvious reasons) overseen by MDN in his battle thong and ballistic ball gag.


An outside view of the beautiful Outragemobile with DPM (Disruptive Pink and Macho) camouflage for use in Gay Rights parades. The rather deadly L111A11a APFSDS Pompom is in the deployed position.


The rather spacious interior that looks like a cross between a pimpmobile and something out of Tron.