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The Special Air Service Regiment

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Strangely enough, everyone in the Army's best mate is in the SAS and, as a result, knows all about everything that goes on in Hereford. Consequently there is no requirement to put any further information here.

However, the some Little-known Facts about the SAS have recently been de-classified.

The correct term for the Special Air Service Regiment in Services' parlance is "THEM"

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound apparently. May in fact be an entirely fictional Regiment, created with the sole purpose of helping squaddies tap off with easily impressed girls. Sponsored by Waterstones SF Branch.

B Squadron are considered to be the elite of "Them"* bleedin' poofs...obviously

  • 21 SAS (TA).
  • 22 SAS.
  • 23 SAS (TA).

Interestingly if all the men claiming to be ex-SAS were to stand on each other's shoulders the guy at the top would be able to piss on Mars.

*(By members of B Squadron.)

Australia/NewZealand also have thier own SAS Battalion.