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The Special Air Service Regiment

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Strangely enough, everyone in the Army's best mate is in the SAS and, as a result, knows all about everything that goes on in Hereford. Consequently there is no requirement to put any further information here.

However, the some Little-known Facts about the SAS have recently been de-classified. The correct term for the Special Air Service Regiment in service parlance is "THEM"

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound apparently. 'They' may in fact be an entirely fictional Regiment, created with the sole purpose of helping squaddies tap off with easily impressed girls. Sponsored by Waterstones SF Branch.

B Squadron are considered (by members of B Sqn) to be the elite of "Them", i.e. no bleedin' poofs... obviously.

Interestingly if all the men claiming to be ex-SAS were to stand on each others' shoulders the guy at the top would be able to piss on Mars.

The British SAS are the special forces regiment of witch all others are based and the Australians have their own SASR (Special Air Service Regiment) and the New Zealanders have 1 New Zealand SAS Group, both of witch are still no match for THEM.

New Zealand SAS: NZ SAS

Australian SASR: SASR