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|'''Date Joined'''
|[[29 March]] [[2006]]
|Only a few
|Northampton Uni
|Red Vokda or Magners as a subsitute
Linemanloz is a top bloke, he is only 23 but looks dectivly younger. He is a compleate adonis. Member of the [[Royal Signals]] as [[.Driver Lineman]] group. Currently work for the TA Signals, thus making him a [[STAB]] not also this but a [[Student]] to boot.  Bangs like a bunny rabbit
[[TheBull140]] - He's also extremely short has a penchant for strange pink drinks and is a disgrace to the name liney as he got outdrunk by a tech. Albite it being a sheer volume thing, and it could also be attributed to the fact that is now off to the world of Officers where he should have been from day one if it had not been for a certain Principal of Welbeck being somewhat bias against the Dyslexics.
He is a well versed young man that despises the chav types that he has often been forced to work with, but his demeanour it is obvious to understand his misplacement, but as Piaget said, ‘Intelligence is the ability to adapt to ones environment.’ Despite his ability to camouflage there were some tell tell sign such as ordering G&T's and cutting around in chinos at the weekend, giving away his truer class level. Also taking leave to his father's residence in St Kitts gives him the excuse of being tanned in the middle of British winter.
His choice in woman is few and selective, understandable looking at only the finest young lady.
An [[East Midlands Crawl]] Survivor
[[Category:ARRSE User]]
An [[Glasgow crawl]] suviour

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