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User:The Snail

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Date Joined Ages Ago...
Posts Loads!
Location Darn Sarf...
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and is not to be trusted!
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Rear Party.

Her Own Words

  • Dale is a straight talking user who is always in your face and doesn't mind courting controversy.
  • Dale is always correct and any attempts to tell dale otherwise normally leads to tears and a ruined family life.
  • Once you have entered the hard shell of the slug, most people realise that there is no real difference about being on the inside!!
  • A lovely person who always goes out of their way to talk to the "newer" users on this site.

Well that's how Dale (Also known as Slight, Slugster or just plain Ang) describes herself... Now for a translation of the above:

  • straight talking = limited vocab.
  • always in your face = annoying, doesn't know when to shut up.
  • is always correct = doesn't listen when she is proved wrong.
  • normally leads to tears and a ruined family life = usually hers.
  • once you have entered the hard shell of the slug = had sexual relations. To find out who Dale has been with, just click on the 'members' list on the main site. She's going through the members like a Sqn of Challengers through Crossmaglen. She is currently on page four of the members list. (I'm changing my user name to Zlasheart).
  • A lovely person who always goes out of there way to talk to the "newer" users on this site = Imposes herself on the newer uses because the sage members of the site ignore her.

If it wasn't for her actually serving, she would be cast aside like most of the walts and wannabes on the site. No doubt Dales' vanity will attempt to change the above........

Nope, but if you change your name to Zlasheart, I will stop trying to get through page 4 and start at the bottom of the list.

As Cait once said "Plenty from the site have poked her but none have been able to answer the immortal question "Animal, mineral or vegetable"??"

Will give you phone numbers and pest you to ring her... Warning: Don't ... Just Don't!

End of an era

Sadly, Ang passed away in November of 2019 at the age of 50.

She served 24 years of active service and in such places as Ulster, Iraq and the Falkland Islands.

RIP Ang!