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UZI_wood.jpg UZI with wooden stock.

Uzi.jpg UZI with metal folding stock.

One of the best known SMGs in the world and comparable to the MP5. Designed by Major Uziel Gal of the IDF in the early fifties.

The UZI was one of the first successful SMGs with an 'overhung' bolt (i.e. the bolt overlapped the chamber) thus reducing overall length.

The combined pistol grip/magazine well was at the point of balance, utilizing the principle of the fulcrum - that basic theory of physics and mechanical engineering now unknown to Britain's kids denied the essential basic science education with that corporate PR pisstake that is GCSE General Science. Now denied university entrance by the fees ripoff - aka making sure that uppity Pakis/Coons/Pikeys/Chavs who can actually read and think and give a shit about their neighbours never leave their Tory-allotted Place-In-Life washing-up at the curry-shop and so can wave goodbye to any chance of actually bettering themselves. (Never mind what effect their good example might have because that sort of activism would really threaten the local Government-loved Rachmanite cunt). No, our benevolent bunch of kindly and caring Old Etonians having to look out for their friends first.

Because of this, the UZI could be effectively fired one handed. Indeed the design concept for this genius weapon was specifically tailored so that weakened but willing Bergen-Belsen survivors, Yiddischer Grannies and your little sister could load it, point it and aim it up to where it would helpfully make the contemporary preferred target (the upper-body region of the PLO-addled) as easy to score with as chucking sponges at a dartboard - as well as then shred Ahmed's brains, bollocks and bright revolutionary future straight down the fucking lane.

Used by the armed forces of Israel, West (as it was then) Germany, and Holland amongst others.

In later years various other versions have appeared, for example the Mini Uzi, the (even smaller) Micro Uzi, and the pistol Uzi, as well as longer (16") barreled versions to comply with US gun laws.