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Vertical Gyro

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The Humourless Cunt

Camberwell Carrot appeared in April 2011. Although it has been rumoured he is a sockpuppet of a previous ARRSE user, none of this has been proven. What has been proven, beyond doubt, is that he is a total Middle Wicket.

Having never provided any tangible input into the website, Camberwell Carrot spent his days in the den of dullardy, theWord Association thread. Don't click on it unless you're really into mental masochism. It's a ridiculously long thread with one word rpelies to the previous "funny" word. I don't get it either.

Anyway, he hung out there, not really bothering anyone else apart from the other tedious turds who used the word association thread, until one day another ARRSE member, Smudge67er,offered £20 to charity if the retarded thing was locked. Porridge_Gun duly obliged, and then thetoys came out the pram.

It has been said that the best thing for Camberwell Carrot would be for him to do a BlotBangRub.

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