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WKD Clear Shit

An 'alcopop' (of which WKD is one) is a cynical marketing ploy by alcohol manufacturers to capture a younger market than the one served by Beer, Wine and Spirits.

By mixing Vodka or Rum with a fruity, sweet, soft drink, it was hoped that teenagers who had yet to get a taste for alcohol would be attracted.

The problem is that ALL teenagers have a sweet tooth and a desire for alcohol bordering on the pathological. Thus the alcopop immediately became abused by the underage drinker as well as the major cause of young women lying in gutters (other than on an ARRSE-Maidens night out).

Alcopops like WKD come in 4 flavours:

  • Clear Shit - which looks like window cleaner
  • Blue Shit - which looks like anti-freeze
  • Red Shit - which looks like carburettor cleaner
  • Iron Brew Shit

Also useful to chavs as an end of night weapon to smash over some muppet's head after he has eyed up their missus.

See also Hooch.