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Wales UOTC

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Wales UOTC trains 90% of the time at Sennybridge, and thus can boast been the most hardcore (1) of UOTCs. (2)

The unit is split into four Companys:-

  • Cardiff - Unsociable, cliquey and thinks they're the mutts nuts.
  • Swansea - A mere shadow of Cardiff and the smallest company. (Not true, I am from Swansea and I have teabagged the majority of members from the other companys.)
  • Aberystwyth - unfit, the better drinkers and only one woman. (Can Usually Notice Telling Sentences)
  • Bangor - The accidental child that nobody wants, they live in caves and eat poop.

The unit is based at Maindy barracks, Cardiff.

Whilst I am WUOTC myself, I don't see why seeing that 'we train 90% of time at Sennybridge' makes us the most hardcore! I'm pretty sure Bristol OTC don't have their weekends on Clifton Common! There is plenty of friendly rivalry going on between the companies, it has to be admitted - only Aber would appoint someone who shat his bed to be CSM! (3) General opinions over Aber and Bangor seem to have reversed since my first year - the 'sh1t-eater' title is often inferred upon the boys from Cardigan Bay.


Note 1. The idea that UOTC's are in any way 'hardcore' outside the imaginations of their membership may be completely discounted.

Note 2. With the exception of LUOTC of course, as "they're bigger than us"

Note 3. Our CSM was not appointed because he 'shat his bed', he was appointed because he shat himself on his way to his bed. I hope this clears things up.

Note 3. Note 1. is very, very true.

Note 4. Not only is Bangor populated by coprophiliacs, they also breed asexually. They truly are the scum of the earth.