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Ze Germans

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'Nein! It is illegal to mow your lawn on a Sunday in North-Rhine Westphalia!

A particular category of the German population who exist largely in the imagination of the British and American public. And most people who've been to Germany or met any Germans.

"Ze Germans" are a comically officious, pompous and uptight race of pseudo-Nazis with absolutely no sense of humour (and who have never been members of the National Socialist Party. Never!). They are simultaneously super-efficient, yet somehow sufficiently incompetent for either a wise-guy Yank or chirpy Cockney to get one over on them on a regular basis (usually weekly).

Sometimes known as "TzchGermans" owing to the stereotypical pronunciation of "Germans".

Famous examples of "TzchGermans"

Colonel Clink from Hogan's Heroes

Every single German character in 'Allo 'Allo

Chancellor Gerhard "It's a syrup, I'm telling you" Schroeder