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10th Battalion The Parachute Regiment

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A now defunct Territorial Army airborne battalion, since absorbed in to 4 PARA in 1999, the battalion was formed from the 2nd Battalion the Royal Sussex Regiment at Kabrit in the Suez Canal zone in January 1945.

Fighting briefly in Italy under command of the 4th Parachute Brigade it returned to the UK in preparation for D Day. The battalion did not jump into Normandy but took part in Operation MARKET GARDEN in September 1944, where it fought to virtual annihilation in the besieged Oosterbeek perimeter - earning a VC in the process. The battalion was disbanded in November 1945.

In 1947 it was re-formed as the 10th (City of London) Parachute Battalion TA and was re-designated 10 PARA (TA) a year later. A further re-designation occurred in 1967 upon formation of the T&AVR, this time becoming 10 PARA(V).

The regiment gradually grew and was eventually dispersed as follows:

  • HQ Coy - Chelsea
  • 1 Coy - White City
  • 2 Coy - Croydon and Blackheath
  • 3 Coy - Finchley
  • 4 Coy - Chelsea
  • 5 (HSF) Coy - Chelsea
  • Support Coy - Aldershot
  • Anti-Tank Pln - Portsmouth
  • Mortar Pln - Leigh-on-Sea

In 1992 the Battalion reorganised with three rifle companies and one support company, 1 Company at White City disbanding. A Support Group was formed at Aldershot by re-designation of Support Company. 1995 saw both Anti-Tank and Mortar platoons disbanding, though the latter briefly reformed at Aldershot in 1997.

The battalion disbanded in 1999 as result of the Strategic Defence Review, though HQ Coy, 2 Coy and Mortar Platoon amalgamated and became 10 (London) Company of 4 PARA.