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164 Transport Regiment RLC(V)

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164 Transport Regiment was disbanded in 1999 under the Strategic Defence Review. 270 Transport Squadron was transferred to its sister unit 160 Tpt Regt RLC (V).

The regiment's tradition for port runners has been resurrected through the mess of 160 Tpt Regt. This tradition stems from a (in)famous regimental dinner night away from the Grantham Mess where the PMC & Mr Vice forgot to order or bring any bottle of Port.

The CO ordered two runners back to the mess to procure and deliver the key aspect of the loyal toast to the table in double quick time. The "volunteers" then "ran" back to the mess to correct the oversight... hence "port runners". A tradition which is maintained by 160 today.

In the regiment's wartime role of Engineer Support, it was resposible for the single handed destruction of the unit's compliment of 8 tonne tippers through over zealous application whilst on exercise.

164 Tpt Regt comprised of:

  • 267 HQ Sqn
  • 268 Transport Sqn
  • 269 Transport Sqn
  • 270 Engineer Support Sqn
  • REME Workshops