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176 (Abu Klea) Battery RA

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176 (ABU KLEA) Battery

In 1985 the youngest Battery to have fired the most shells-and trialled MLRS under Major Stiven. A man with a filofax before his time.

A Battery with with a great history but no-one seems to wish to research it.

It also has a former Regimental Brigadier as BC (1974-1976)(Brigadier Clark), whose son served as Tp Commander in the first Gulf War (and was baby-sat by by one of his men when father was BC), and a VC. But this unit has the one advantage over any unit in the British Army. Once one joins, one is an Abu. And the Battle Honour is ours alone. MLRS was operationally fired by 176 Battery during the 1st Gulf War-the first Royal Artillery unit to do so.

If you are an Abu looking for your old mates, have a look at the RAA website. No Abu Klea thread yet, but there is a 39 Regt RA Forum.

RAA 39 Regt Forum