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1er Régiment étranger

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The 1st Foreign Regiment (French: 1er Régiment étranger, 1er RE) is the senior regiment in the French Foreign Legion. Today the regiment is mainly administrative, and provides staff for the Command of the Foreign Legion.

Besides its historical aspect, the regiment represent a major stage in a legionnaire's service. He begins his career here, in the Center of Selection and Incorporation (CSI), and returns at the end of it.

The regiment is also in charge of special institutions of the legion: the magazine Képi Blanc, the Legion's Athletics Team (ATHLEG) and the Military band.


The regiment was established in 1831 as 1st Foreign Regiment. The regimental depot was in Sidi-Bel-Abbès in French Algeria until Algerian independence. The regiment left it in October, 1962 for Aubagne in France.

Battle Honours

   * Sevastopol 1855
   * Kabilie 1857
   * Magenta 1859
   * Camerone 1863
   * Extrême-Orient 1884-1885
   * Dahomy-Maroc 1892-1907, 1925
   * Madagascar 1895-1905
   * Orient 1915-17