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1st Gryphon Parachute Sqn

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Dearth from Above

Elite ersatz airborne rapid-response unit of the world famous Legion of Frontiersmen, whose aim is to... establish a highly-trained and mobile rescue aid unit to assist the local authority. So that'll be another fcuking drinking club full of fat walts and dreamers with a DPM fetish then?

Gryphon Squadron first showed up on the ARRSE radar sometime around 2006 and very quickly fanned the flames of ire & angst amongst its denizens. So much vitriol was directed in their direction that they decided to pull their website and go to ground. A clarion call of victory against walts was declared.

Then in the dying days of 2008 they re-appeared... and were instantly pinged. Ooops. So I suppose it's only a matter of time before the ridicule becomes too much and they disappear in to the shadows again? Let's hope so.


Gryphon Sqn Facts

  • The squadron was formed sometime around 2005 in a bar in Crawley
  • The selection process is rigorous: 1 x yard of ale in 30 seconds
  • All members are over 16st.
  • All have no friends
  • ... or wives
  • All have their own parachutes
  • In February of 2008, Gryphon Squadron assisted in disaster relief operations following the earthquake that destroyed a semi-detached in Dudley and upset several household pets throughout the West Midlands. Operation Dove from Above saw the elite team dropped from an easyJet BAE 146 - their first, and to date, only operation... probably.