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2e Régiment Étranger d'Infanterie

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The 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (French: 2e Régiment Étranger d'Infanterie, 2e REI) is an infantry regiment of the French Foreign Legion created in 1841 and is situated in the south of France at Nimes. The 2REI has participated in several conflicts, more notably in the Gulf War, in Bosnia, Chad and in different parts of Africa. A very mobile infantry regiment, it can be sent to any part of the world through naval or air means.

This regiment is 169 years old and consists of some 1300 legionnaires, thus making it the largest regiment of the whole French army, consisting of 9 companies. The 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment has taken taken on the responsibility of field testing new equipment for the French Army as whole. It must be noted that 2ndREI has alliances with The Rifles.