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2e Régiment étranger de génie

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The 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (French: 2e Régiment étranger de génie, 2e REG) is one of two Combat engineering regiment in the French Foreign Legion. The regiment is the combat engineering component of 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade.


The regiment was created on 1 July 1999, which make it the youngest regiment in the Foreign Legion. The regiment is the heir to the 5th Foreign Infantry Regiment (5e REI), the Tonkin Regiment. It has been stationed, since its creation, in St Christol at the former site of the French strategic nuclear missiles.

Commanding Officers

   * Colonel Nebois (1999–2001)
   * Colonel Autran (2001–2003)
   * Colonel Fradin (2003–2005)
   * Colonel Boucher (2005–2007)
   * Colonel Chavanat (2007–2009)
   * Lt.-Colonel (LCL) Kirscher (2009- )


The regiment consists of 920 men divided into 6 companies.

   * A Command and Logistics company (CCL)
   * A Instruction and Base company (CBI)
   * Three Combat companies each made up of three combat sections, a support section and one command section.
   * A Support company (CA)

Battle Honours

  * Camerone (1863)