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383 Commando Petroleum Troop RLC(V)

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The reason for 383 Commando Petroleum Troops existence is solely to win the Lamb Trophy and the Minor unit event at the RLC Military Skills Competition. The unit has no other function in life as no other RLC TA unit has any memory of exercising with them.

Please ignore the above statement by some unnamed ill informed person.

383 Commando Pet Tp is made up of dedicated fit personnel that are trained to very high physical and technical standards to support the Logistic Support Squadron of the elite 3 Commando Brigade in supplying bulk fuel. As part of there training they participate in the RLC annual Mil Skills Competition and have won the TA comp (Lambs Trophy) on every occasion. There ability and professionalism particularly shone through in 2001 when they won the competition outright beating both the Regular and TA participants. Over the last few years the Troop has joined the Commando Brigade on Exercise in Oman, Cyprus, Norway, Brunei and America.

OC 383

Please ignore the OC 383......his spelling is attroshus.

383 Commando Petroleum Troop of the Royal Logistic Corps is a unit responsible for the handling, supply and storage of bulk fuels from ship-to-shore and under front-line combat conditions. It is a Commando unit and all soldiers must pass the All Arms Commando Course in order to serve with the Regulars in the Commando Logistic Regiment in 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines. 383 Petroleum Troop is part of Commando Logistic Regiment base at RMB Chivenor in North Devon. The TA unit which has its specialist role are currently based at the Plymouth TA centre on the coast of Devon. Until the middle of the 1990s the TA unit had another barracks at the Blighmont TA Centre in Southampton, Hampshire.

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