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57 (Bhurtpore 1825-1826) Battery RA

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57 (Bhurtpore) Battery was raised in 1786 as 3 Company, 3 Battalion, The Bengal Artillery. In 1825 it became 3 Company, 4 Battalion, and in December of that year, marched on the city of Bhurtpore which culminated on 18th January 1826 with the breaching of the city walls and the storming of the inner citadel.

The Battery fought in the action at Maharajpore on 29 December 1843 in the Gwalior campaign. It was also present at the Battles of Moodkee, 18 December 1843, Ferozeshah, 21 – 22 December 1843, and Sobraon, 10 February 1846, during the campaign in Sutlej in the First Sikh War.

In 1876, after 90 years service overseas the Battery was posted back to the UK.

On the 5th June 1936, the Battery was awarded the title of “Bhurtpore” to commemorate both the battle and 150 years of service.

On the 29th January 1940 the Battery joined 1 HAA Regiment covering the withdrawal of the British troops from Dunkirk with its two remaining guns.

From 1940 onwards the Battery served in the Western desert, Greece, and then in Crete during 1941. In 1942 the Battery was in Cyprus before deploying to Egypt, until their return to the UK on 6th May 1945.

In 1962 the Battery changed roles and moved overseas again to become the Surveillance Battery, 21 Regiment RA in Fallingbostel. In 1964 the Battery joined 94 Locating Regiment RA in Celle and in 1966 they became 57 (Bhurtpore) Locating Battery RA.

On 1st February 1985, the Battery moved from Celle to Dortmund to become part of 32 Heavy Regiment RA. In January 1991 the Battery deployed to Saudi Arabia on Op GRANBY, seeing active service in both Iraq and Kuwait. In 1993 the Battery left 32 Regiment RA and along with former members of Q Battery RA joined 39 Regiment RA in Paderborn. Shortly after joining elements of the Battery deployed on a UN tour of Cyprus.

In August 1995 the Regiment moved from Paderborn to Albemarle Barracks near Newcastle. During 1996 elements of the Battery deployed on another UN Tour of Cyprus.

In July 1998 the Battery deployed to Northern Ireland with the Regiment as the Urban Reinforcement Battalion and again in June 2000.

2001 saw the Battery deploy to Kosovo on a very successful 6-month tour where the Battery carried out 182 operational flights.

The Battery deployed once again to Northern Ireland in October 2002 and returned in March 2003.

In June 2003 the Battery once more joined 32 Regiment Royal Artillery, this time in Larkhill. It then deployed to Southern Iraq in October of that year as part of the OP TELIC Orbat.

In October 2005 the Battery once again deployed to Iraq, this time as part of the OP TELIC 7 Orbat.

In April 2007 57 (Bhurtpore) Battery deployed to Afghanistan as the Theatre UAV Battery to support 12 Mechanised Brigade on Op Herrick 6. The first 4 months with the Desert Hawk Mini UAV (MUAV), then in August bringing Hermes 450 into Initial Operating Capability (IOC) as the Tactical UAV (TUAV).