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7th Battalion The Rifles

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Formed from the Royal Rifle Volunteers, less the PWRR coy, plus F and G Companies from the London Regt.

7th Battalion, The Rifles, an Army Reserve Infantry Battalion. They are distributed through London and the Home Counties with almost 500 soldiers and a full range of weapon systems and light infantry capabilities. The 7th Battalion has a proud record of achievements, including several operational tours to Iraq and Afghanistan in the last few years.

The Battalion became 7 Rifles, one of the battalions in the new Rifle Regiment in February 2007. The Rifle Regiment is the largest Regiment in the British Army with five Regular and three Reserve Battalions.

  • HQ Coy - including CIS Platoon, and Assault Pioneer Platoon. Based at Reading, and 13 Platoon based in Swindon
  • A Coy - Based in Abingdon, with 2 Platoon based at High Wycombe
  • E Coy - including Mortar Platoon. Based at Milton Keynes, with a new Platoon based in Aylesbury
  • F Coy - Based at Davies Street (the old 4 RGJ HQ Coy, and historically the site of the QVR)
  • G Coy - including MG(SF) Platoon. Based at West Ham. Rumours of Guns Platoon moving to new outstation at Romford

Waterloo Band and Bugles - based at Oxford

A member of the battalion won the much prized Queen’s medal (for the second time) at Bisley for the Territorial Army’s top shot.

Basically the old 4RGJ in a new guise.

A2020 Paired with 2 RIFLES, and E Coy being moved to 6AAC.(678 (RIFLES) Sqn)

A2020r sees a change with pairing now with 5 RIFLES (to be armoured dismounts). B Coy to be raised based on 13 Platoon in Swindon and a new outstation in Bulford F Coy to be moved to LONDONS, but Davies Street to be retained as new BHQ (with possible Pl + co-located) G Coy to gain a Pl sized outstation at location TBC in and around London.

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