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Arme Automatique Transformable Modèle 1952, (Transformable Automatic Weapon Model 1952)
Country Of Origin France
In Service 1952 - 2009
Used By France
Effective Range 600m
Maximum Range 3200m
Weight 9.75kg
Length 1080mm
Cartridge 7.5mm x 54mm, 7.62x51mm NATO

Used by French troops since 1952, the AA-52 was designed after the country's experiences in Indochina.

The AA-52 can be used as a LMG with a bipod or HMG with a tripod. When used with a tripod for continuous fire, the gun is fitted with a heavier barrel. In the LMG configuration, the AA-52 is a relatively light weapon to carry.

Recently, the FN MINIMI has taken over the AA-52's role and it was relegated to use on the Le Clerc Main Battle Tank. As of 2009, the AA-52 was retired.