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Army Medical Services

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The Army Medical Services are made up from

  • Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC): Operating Department Practitioners (Cleaning a speciality), Radiographers (Keep still please-click), Drain Sniffers, Bio medical Scientists (stool prodding and spunk counting), Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists, Medical Support Officers, Doctors (Corps and revolving- comes to mind), Physios (sadists)and Combat Med Techs(for all your tentage and painting needs).
  • Royal Army Dental Corps (RADC): (Gob docs) Dentists, Hygienists (scrape and polish), Techs (false teeth makers), Dental Support Specialists (sweeping floors, doing paperwork, being over promoted).
  • Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC): Something to do with animals (see QARANC)
  • Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC): Nurses, Health Care Assistants (milk and sugar?). Nurses come as Officers and Other Ranks, nurses only have to be qualified for 2 years to gain a commission and attend a 10 minute course at Sandhurst. Legend has it that there is a busload of nurses from Rinteln enroute to your location for the party on Friday night.
  • Corps of Army Music (CAMUS): Musicians during peacetime. Guard force, pan bashers, sandbag fillers, general dogsbodies and nurse chasers during war time when they are attached to the AMS. Allegedly there is something called a Chemical Decontamination Area involved (cf. myth regarding busload of nurses from Rinteln)