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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following page for help with the Wiki pages. If you still have problems, please pm one of the sysops, who will endeavour to get back to you with an answer.

How do I edit an existing page?

To edit an existing page, either scroll to the bottom, and find the "Edit" button, or if, like this page, it is broken into sections, use the "edit" button at the top right of each section

How do I create a link to a new page?

To create a new page from an existing page, place 2 square brackets around the word or phrase you wish to use as the link. For example, to link to this page from any other page, insert the phrase ARRSEpedia:FAQ then place [[ at the start, and ]] at the end; like this [[ARRSEpedia:FAQ]]

How do I link to a page if the title doesn't "fit" the text?

You can, if you prefer, display a different title than the page name. Add the link as described above, then insert the word or phrase you wish to use as a link after the page title. You will need to insert a | character between the page name and the title. To link to this page, but to call it FAQ, you would type the following; [[ARRSEpedia:FAQ|FAQ]]

How do I get the | character ?

To get the | character, you will have to find the key on your keyboard. It is normally the same key that has the \ but you will have to use the Shift key to get it!!

How do I know if my link is correct?

When you have created your link, choose the "Show Preview" button at the bottom of the Edit page. If the link appears red and underlined, then it is a new, blank page ready for you to create. If the link appears underlined and this colour then you have successfully linked to an existing page.

How do I add a page to a Category?

Firstly, you should refer to the Categories page to consider which would be appropriate. Having decided on a Category (or Categories, you can have more than one!), insert the follwing text at the top of the page you are editing. For example, this page is in the "Help" category. If you edit this page, you will see; [[Category:Help]] at the top of the page.

How do I create a new Category?

If you believe there is a need to create a new category, simply add the [[Category:whatever]] at the top. The category will automatically be created. However, you will then have to visit the page Category:whatever and edit the new category page in order to add it to an existing category. For example, under the Category "Royal Signals" you wish to create a new sub-category "Corps Sports", you could add the [[Category:Corps Sports]] to the new page you created.

But - you would have to visit the Category:Corps Sports page (automatically created) and add the [[Category:Royal Signals]] to the top of it.

How do I add comments on the Recent Changes page?

When you are in the "Edit Page" mode, there is a box below the edit box marked "Summary". Anything typed in this box will appear in brackets after the details on the "Recent Changes" list.

My contributions show as an IP address. Why?

Quite simply, you must be a Registered User, and be logged in so that the system registers your contributions to your name, instead of an IP address.

I'm worried about security. Is my use of ARRSE anonymous and secure?

Please see the ARRSE Security article