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A New Address

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Arrange a pre advisory visit - where possible

You can get most up-to-date local information from the HIVE or you can find out information on the local area by visiting although you will need a postcode to get detailed information. If you are moving to Scotland you may also need information regarding the Scottish Legal system, visit


If you are changing jobs or considering employment in your new location, there are a number of schemes operating throughout the country. Check with your new unit to see what is available in the area you are moving to, you may be able to register before you go. If you intend to claim Job Seekers Allowance and are giving up your job as a result of your spouses posting, follow the rules set out on the official website.

Adult Education

Liaise with your college, university or Service Education Centre regarding the transfer of courses and exams to an educational establishment in your area.


You should be entitled to disturbance allowance to help cover the essential expenses when moving. These could include motor mileage allowance and nightly rate of subsistence allowance. This is payable one month in advance of posting/drafting. Rates vary depending on your circumstances so contact unit personnel/allowances staff to apply for Disturbance Allowance and to find your entitlement.

Change of Address

Inform the various agencies of your impending move as well as informing family/friends etc of your new address. You can arrange with the post office for your mail to be forwarded for a small fee.

House Insurance

Arrange a change of house insurance to your new house. However make sure the house you are handing back is still covered whilst you are liable for damages as you may be able to claim for these on your insurance.

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