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Accumulated Campaign Service Medal

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The Accumulated Campaign Service Medal was institued in January 1994 under the Defence Council Instruction General 65. It is awarded to members of all the armed forces who complete 36 months (1080 days) of accumulated campaign service since 14 August 1969.

Service on UN, EU or NATO missions does not count towards the qualifying service

The Medal

The ribbon is purple and green from the General Service medal with a central gold stripe which denotes excellence.

acsmobv.jpg acsmrear.jpg

The obverse of the medals shows the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth. The reverse has the inscription "FOR ACCUMULATED CAMPAIGN SERVICE" set within a four part ribbon surrounded by a branch of oak leaves with laurel and olive leaves woven through the motto ribbon.

Service personnel who complete subsequent 36 month tours of accumulated campaign service are awarded a clasp. This is indicated by a silver rosette when only the ribbon is worn. A gilt rosette is worn on the ribbon alone to denote the award of three clasps.