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Active Edge

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Ex Active Edge was the periodical readiness exercise that was used to practice the callout of the whole of BAOR in the event of 'World War 3' and the Warsaw Pact rolling over the IGB.

Individual COs might call Active Edge on their own units. To Joe at the bottom of the ladder, there was nothing to tell the difference between Active Edge called by the CO and Active Edge called by SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe). Except that SACEUR would call it at a time suitable for him, like mid-afternoon, whereas your average CO would call it around 0200 hours, giving the unit four hours to be ready to crash out and be out of the way of the locals before their rush hour started. Also, most of the unit would be back in camp by 0200 hours, and those who rolled in thereafter would sober up very quickly when they found everybody running round like headless chickens.

Active Edge was also a useful way to start an exercise, as it got the exercise off to an early start, and vehicles out of camp, and it ensured the men were tired as soon as they started, saving having to simulate sitting waiting for three weeks for the Communist hoardes to roll over the IGB.