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Adventure Training

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Something that you are supposed to get a couple of weeks of a year. The world is divided neatly into those who always do, those who never have and those who try to, but get seen off.

Those who never have are either just unlucky, or have never applied.

Those who always do are either deserving sporty types, or useless leave-clocking feckers who display an attitude to work last seen in the 1970's trade union days. The difference is usually pretty obvious.

AT can be great for team building, and is certainly a great part of the "forces package" so expect it to be first in line when the next round of cuts come up.

Enterprising types can get all manner of shenanigans written off as AT- two weeks narrowboating from pub to pub in Norfolk was an absolute blinder.

The last bloke I worked with who always got his AT was an utter tosser, who broke into a cold sweat at the mere thought of a run. Cnut. I'm just jealous.

AT is a great forces tradition and as such should be encouraged for all.Will that do, General?

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