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Air Accident Investigation

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The denizens of ARRSE come from a surprising array of backgrounds and professions. Levels of expertise vary from consultant-level professionals to opinionated gobshytes. If there is one thing that will galvanise the ARRSErati more than walts, SLRs and birds with mahoosive bangers it is the air accident - and the bigger the better.

Upon hearing the conch shell call of 'ARRSE accident investigators assemble!' the boards are immediately awash with informed insight, educated guesswork, intelligent elimination process and drunken opinion.

Arrse Air Accident Investigation's (AAAI) finest hour was the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in March 2014 when the general consensus that it was indeed aliens, Muslims, a bomb, or Russians that spirited away the hapless passengers. They even had maps and stuff. It was truly epic. AAAI have subsequently assisted various governmental authorities in their investigations, notably that of Egypt.

No aviation experience is necessary and AAAI is open to all regardless of background and IQ.