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Alistair Darling

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Alastair 'Badger' Darling

The last New Labour incumbent of poisoned chalice that is The Chancellor of the Exchequer BEFORE they got kicked to the kerb.

A man so disorganized that he cant even get his eyebrows to match his hair colour. Even Cherie's collars and cuffs matched (allegedly!)

Darling was always considered the grey man of the Labour party. Uninteresting, towing the party line, not rocking the boat. This changed in the dying years of the Brown administration when in a Guardian interview, he showed a backbone when he started toeing the party line. Targets included Broon, Cherie Blair's book, MPs and his government minister colleagues for having made an arrse of the country, those interfering in his job and policies that are totally useless.

Read the article here or a summary here.

Did run up a feck off amount of debt for the UK taxpayer than has ever been run up before. Even if you add up all the debt the UK has run up in wars, Darling is going to exceed that. Fiscal prudence my arrse!

Showed some backbone standing up to the one eyed scottish idiot when in desperation at his pathetic standing in the country, Broon suggested spending another 47 trillion pounds we didnt have.

However no sooner had we started to think of darling as a good guy than we got a look at his expenses claims. He had four homes. He was provided with two grace and favour homes at the public’s expense, he rents out his former private home (paid for by us) for private profit and then claims for his other home. He has (at various times) claimed a variety of houses as his main residence to ensure he can claim the maximum amount for expenses. He paid no housing expenses at all from of his pocket. So to round up ... the taxpayer paid for three of his 'homes' and he rents out a fourth for personal profit yet he says he acted 'within the rules'. What a snout in trough cnut!