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Almost Raped

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Music star Tori Amos: patron saint of the almost raped, made an entire album about being almost raped. Stupid fucking moo.

The phenomenon of being almost raped is one of the countless by-products of the young, bored, collegiate version of liberal guilt, which has also given us e-Psychiatrists, the distressingly long-lived bi-curious trend, and, of course, Plastic Lesbians i.e. heterosexual women who fake an interest in other women to garner interest from men.

What do you mean "you're lost" - this is female shit, it's not logical.

Heard in any feminist- or lesbian-oriented community:

"I was almost raped during my freshman year of college!"
"A friend of mine was almost raped so I know what you're going through, moon-sister."

The following is a typical example of a woman's courageous "almost raped" story:

I was almost raped in a bar last year. I had a couple of drinks, then a guy came up to me and we started talking. Later, he asked "Do you want to have sex?" and I said "yes". We went back to his place, got naked, I sucked him off, and just as he was about to place his penis in my vagina, I screamed "OMIGOD YOU SICK FUCK!" and called the cops. He's currently serving a 10 year prison sentence.

If you are almost raped, you can go post in Don't Date Him, Girl like all the other women who regret going on a date with some bloke and now feel really fucking stupid.