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An interesting subset. They fall into three distinct categories; Grown-ups, Loonies and The Other Two


  • Tracy Paul
  • Not_Whistling_Dixie
  • Tomahawk6
  • Phil306
  • AubreyGerrard
and so on....


  • GeneralQuarters
  • Weatherman1956
  • New_WO1
etc etc...

And then there are..................

The Other Two

The Grown up ones tend to work Current Affairs, and comment exclusively on geopolitical/defence issues.

The Loonies can be spotted by their tinfoil headwear and because their heads are generally tilted upwards as they search the heavens for black helicopters (sent by NATO to take over the good ole USA) or space aliens wielding anal probes.

Corpse and Ctauch, however, have been on here so long that they have gone native and have a Brit Squaddie's love for all things Poo-related, and hang out in the NAAFI. Corpse in particular has very nearly completed the Rites Of Becoming, after shitting himself at a family barbeque last year.

There is a school of thought that holds that Corpse and Ctauch live together in a Gay Love Nest in deep Florida, having bought a Double Wide together from the proceeds of Ctauch's Lawsuit against The Southern Transsexual Surgery Corporation.

The school of thought is wrong, Corpse is the transvestite and tight he is; his hoop is not as slack as Dale the snail's.

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