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Ann Widdecombe

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Ann Widdecombe

A female Conservative politician, member of parliament and alleged virgin who resembles the peroxide blonde outcome of a mating between one of Snow White's seven dwarfs and a female gorilla. Ann Widdecombe is notably to the right of the Conservative Party and attracted a certain amount of notoriety for her hard line views on the prison system when she was a Home Office minister. Rumours abounded that she insisted that pregnant female prisoners remained manacled whilst in labour (of course, as a busy minister, Ms Widdecombe may have misunderstood what she was being asked and simply assumed that all female prisoners who were in the Labour Party should be handcuffed).

Oddly enough, Ann Widdecombe takes a much softer line on ickle fwuffy animals and voted in favour of New Labour's ban on hunting, thus making her about as popular as genital warts amongst rural Tories.