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Arjun MBT
Country Of origin India
Designation Main Battle Tank
Configuration Tracked
Manufacturer: Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi, India
Crew: 4
Length 10.19 m
Width 3.84 m
Height 2.32 m
Weight 64.600 t
Speed 67 km/h
Range 483 km
Primary armament 1 x 120mm Rifled Gun
Secondary armament 1 x 12.7mm AA MG
1 x 7.62 co-axial MG
Power plant 1400 BHP
Night Yes

Ammunition types for the main gun are standard MBT fare and include smoke, illuminating and HE projectiles. The turret is fully powered and features full 360 degree rotation. Long range fuel drums are carried in the rear of the chassis to increase overall effective combat range.

It is one of the longest and heaviest MBT's in modern history.

update:-Only 124 tanks will be built,more T-90S will be inducted,here's to the great indian engineering!!!