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Armoury accident resulting in interview without coffee

Back in medieval times, armour and swords were stored in an armoury which was an easily reachable room in a castle where you kept your kit safe from rust inducing damp.

Since todays armour has tracks, moves itself about, doesn't suffer much from rust and is usually stored in a huge aircraft hanger ... armourers needed something to look after while resting their wide assess in their comfy chairs. Thus the Armourer was given many small complicated weapons to look after in an armoury.

It is unusual to see an Armourer out of their armoury as they are not a sociable rodent. They may leave their home armoury in search of food, alcohol or indeed a quick bunk up but they are usually happy to remain in their well built homes surviving on a diet of NATO Standard tea, bacon butties and gun oil.