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Armynet is a restricted access information portal, built by the Army for the Army.

It is a one-stop shop for Army information of an UNCLASSIFIED (but sensitive) nature - not designed for general public release. ArmyNET brings the Army into the Internet Age.

Armynet has been developed as a result of the experiences of serving soldiers and their families, with regard to the passage of information within the Army. The Army of today is rarely static and is constantly on the move. Soldiers are often away from barracks and families can become quickly out of touch with events, if they are not within the reach of barracks. ArmyNET aims to provide the entire Army community with a single portal, which it can access from anywhere in the world, in order to get authoritative information on what is going on.

Current users - Over 139,000
Average users logged on - 750

Armymail - ArmyNET's e-Mail System
ArmyNET Forums

If you have problems accessing ArmyNET please contact

ArmyNET has no connection with ARRSE.