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Atlantic Conveyor

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Atlantic Conveyor with Harrier on approach

The Serious Bit

The Atlantic Conveyor was a civilian cargo ship commandeered by the MoD under the STUFT agreement for the Falklands War. It was sank on the 25th May 1982 after being hit by two Argentinian Exocet Missiles, fired from Super √Čtendard fighters. Twelve sailors died.

The Falklands campaign suffered a severe setback when the Atlantic Conveyor was sunk due to a large amount of equipment that was lost, including six Wessex and four Chinook helicopters.

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The Not So Serious Bit

The sinking of the Atlantic Conveyor gave a carte blanche for every QM on Op Corporate an excuse not to issue kit due to it being on the ship when it was sunk. I came across a box full of Arctic Parkas in Aldershot in 1993, when I asked what they were doing there, the QM replied "Oh, them, they were the smocks we lost on the Conveyor".

Similar to the Great Fire Of Donnington.

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