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The Swedish built Hagglund BV206 is a lightweight rubber tracked vehicle consisting of two powered pods linked by an articulated joint which allows steering. It's used by Royal Marine Commandos, RAF Regt, and a multitude of Army cap badges such as Artillery (MAMBA Radar sits on a BV206) , REME and Engineers.

The BV206 has a low impact footprint and is designed to traverse soft ground and snow with ease. It's also Amphibious (if you remember to put the plug in!) as the hulls are made from a foam filled fibreglass sandwich so it floats. The tracks provide the propulsion.


Length 6.9m.

Height 2.4m.

Width 1.87m.

Combat weight 6,470kg.

Maximum speed (roads or compacted snow) 52kph.

Maximum range 300km.