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Can't believe I am the first to comment on that idyllic beach in the Middle East!. The Persian Gulf (now called I believe the Arabian Gulf) was often called the A*s*h*le of the world and Bahrain was far up it. To be fair, the first time I was there, my wife and family came too and as I was working shifts, we spent a lot of time on the Sheik's beach. (He allowed this so that he could ogle the women.) The second time I went, the Brits were pulling out of the area, and it wasn't so much fun, but we made the best of it, well, someone had to use up the squadron funds didn't they?

I was in Bahrain in 1969/70 I don't remember the sheik's beach though, I do remember the heat and sand.

Sadly the beach is now forever lost. When the old Emir shuffled off this mortal coil, his son, the new king, gave it to his wife or his sister or his wife's sister, not sure which, doesn't matter. End result thou is no more free bottles of fizzy drinks nor the extremely high concentration of Gulf Air ladies in one place, as the beach is now off limits to all (and not just the locals) *sigh*