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Forum Baiter, the dark art of trolling and fishing for bites online; opportunities to rank up to master-baiter. Some baiters dream of Moderator status if they master-bait often and hard enough. For more information, also see ARRSE Toilets.

A useless trolling prick on the internet; gleefully uses cynical or sarcastic remarks to troll their prey onto the rocks of ARRSE sanctions. Because ... no reason, or a sense of humour failure. Some things prick a vain snowflake's outrage.

Baiters heckle, stalk, and badger, a bit like the stalking sad fat munter on Plenty of Flange scuttled in a doorway on the last drunken ARRSE Crawl, male or female. These dullards have Birthday parties in the local phone box playing Desert Island disks. And a Takeaway, usually a Happy Meal because the toys might love them.

Mind you, there's benefits in this weird lark sitting about at home alone, master-baiting in crusty Y-fronts with a crate of Guinness, fishing for kippers with a blow-up missus and X-Hamster. Virtue-signalling and pyrrhic victories are common fetishes among bellend misfits; saps, fearful of legal action, or LE officers living in bunks with only a talking goldfish and confused memories for company.

After the compulsory log on to get their Asperger's fix wasting their miserable life, at least they baited some silly arrse into ROPs or a thread ban. To them it's a normal lifestyle. They may hold an Autard obsession for another member or a particular subject. They might even enjoy their oddball hobby, and it's cleaner than drugs. Still it's difficult to keep the words broken-brain and w@nker out of the equation.

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