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A fine plan by Herr Hitler.

Let us ignore what happened to the other short Corporal bent on World domination and invade Russia, or the USSR as it was known in those days. This time, we will succeed because the Russkies are untermensch. Gott is also mit uns, so the normal shite weather that normally afflicts invasions of Russia won't affect us.

Thankfully for the Russians, General Winter hadn't been whacked in one of Stalin's purges and was still on the active duty list, albeit as SO1 Ceremonial Dancing, and eventually broke the German push 15 miles from Moscow, with some help from the Red Army.

Barbarossa was notable for the innovative German Hearts and Minds campaign : destroy their hearts and minds so they can't resist. Unfortunately, Stalin had been training the Russkies to love that sort of lifestyle for years so they ended up with 180 million heartless mindless Russian tourists in Berlin 4 years later, causing great strain on their infrastructure and a policy rethink based on fußball.

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