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Comes in two types:

Voluptuous, good looking and completely un-attainable. However, she will lead you on to get free drinks before having the bouncers throw you out when you make a grab for her funbags.

Evil, ugly birds who think they are doing you the worlds biggest favour by serving you a drink. They obviously forget that you give them Beer Tokens in exchange for said drink.

A third type is currently appearing in the UK... the Eastern European babe. While most male migrants from eastern europe seem to be plumbers, most females seem to be barmaids. They all seem to be of a similar design: Tall, slim, fair complexions and look like they might be extremely athletic (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!). Since they are new to our fair shores, they have yet to turn either un-attainable or evil. So if you are served by eastern euro babe ... take a chance. You might get lucky ... for a while at least.

For the best Barmaids ever, visit Hooters in Nottingham