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Bay City Rollers

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A Scottish band famous in the early 1970s. But what drove them (money), what kept them on the road (money) and why are they still performing (money)? Now, sadly, the teenage fans have all grown up and sideways, but some still attend dingy basement Glasgow pubs once in a while to hear the old hits and give them all of their love (and money).

Of far more interest is the drummer. After the band folded he became a nurse, but was temporarily struck off for having one-over-the-three-hundred paedo images on his computer. But it’s all okay because the images where “left behind [fnarr] by an acquaintance”. The foul judging one didn’t believe this so the drummer pleaded guilty in order to avoid a “media circus”.

For those unfamiliar with this term a media circus is a travelling show held in a big tent and involving Peter Sissons on a unicycle, Andrew Marr humiliating a scabby lion in a cage and a man in a top hat, called a producer, shouting “hoop-laaa!”. Thankfully our drumming hero avoided all of this and went to the pub next door, where there were loads of photographers; An unhappy experience for any former drummer, but a tremendous success for the Serious Crime Squad.

Still, it’s not all bad news. They may have failed in life, but we can still laugh at them.